(Nederlands) de Luisterkindafstemming

Ik stem mij af op jouw energie of dat van jouw kind. Ik luister naar wat jij te vertellen hebt over de dingen waar je tegenaan loopt of de vragen die jij hebt.
Wat heb jij daarover te vertellen en wat mag er veranderen volgens jou. Jij vertelt, Ik luister, voel en zie en alles schrijf ik op in de luisterkindafstemming die ik naar jou mail.
Wat heb jij te vertellen? Wat mag er veranderen in jouw leven?
Is het tijd om iets te veranderen?
Kijk op de website naar de mogelijkheden, want naast de luisterkindafstemming zijn er nog zoveel meer mogelijkheden.

A head full of………

The last weeks I made a lot of attunements for parents with children who were restless, busy and angry and slept very bad.
Of course Sinterklaas and Christmass brings a lot of tension, but they are gone and next week they are going back to school. The vacation have give them lots of energy.
But what if the energy is not there and this takes a lot of time allready? You have tried everything and it does no get better.
A child in mind attunement can help you and your child. I listen to what the person I attune on has to telle about the problem or the question.
What’s wrong? Why this restlessness, anger and bad sleeping? The answers you get in the Child in Mind attunement, also that what has to be changed.
All told by the one I attune on, you telle met what YOU want to change. En you get idea’s to change the situation.
The heads of children and adults get full, they feel the emotions of others. Sometimes parents have to look at themselve, feel what they have to do and change. And the stress of work, don’t take it home.
Beautiful processes, learn from each other as an adult, as a child and as a family.
When you need help…………..I want to listen. Everything goes by mail.