I work by the Child in Mind method developed by Diana van Beaumont.
On a telepathic way I make contact with your child.I make an alignment. I talk this way with your son or daughter and in the conversation will be clear why there are problems.
Together we look for a solution. The child itselfs tells about his troubles and what he wants and can do about it.
That moment something can change right away, but it can take cooperation from you as parents. Perhaps you have to think about another manner to get along with your child.

Everything goes by emailcontact. You don’t need to go to a practice. You get a mail with all the information about alignments in and sending a photo. Within two weeks you receive the mail.

Whom can I channel?
– Children with problems on different levels ( fear to sleep, hardly eating, pie in bed)
– All ages from 0-100 and older ( I need permission from 10 years age of the child)
– Children which can’t communicate very well( comapatient, intellectual resticted etc).

I can’t make someone better, I am not a doctor, I can make contact on telephatic way and try to find with the child his struggles and what he wants to do about it or has to change in his life.
Sometimes there are entities or aurahikers present with the child. Together we ask why they are here and when the reason is clear a light will appear and they get in to the light.
Also past lives can get vissible, we look at that live and find out what that live is causing in this live. What has to be changed or let go of.