Your life starts when you ae born and ends when you die, but it can start earlier in the belly of your mum. And it can happen it ends when she gets a miscarriage.


Livebridge Attunements

A Lifebridge attunement is an attunement where you attune on;

People who are passed away, also  a miscarriage. Maybe you still have a question for a loved one who’s passed away.

A miscarriage is something there’s hardly talked about I noticed. It’s important the child how it stayed in your belly get’s a name.

People who are in a coma or are ill and you can’t communicate with them. This way you still can ask questions and let the one who’s ill talk. Is there a chance he’s gonna die there’s a possibillty to let the person talk thing out. These people mostly can hear a lot better what’s happening around them, their hearing is much stronger.

People with demetion, Alzheimer or Korzakov. What’s going on in their mind? What do they want to tell you? They can stand totally different in live cos of this desease.

People who commited suicide. You can have a lot of questions when someone has died this way and you are left behind.

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