On soullevel I make contact on a telepathic way with the unborn child. Carefull and with respect I try to find out what the baby wants to tell. I make an attunement.
The parents can ask questions and hear what the baby has to tell.

From 28 weeks pregnancy there are four times I tune in. A half hour on a time and date we agree I have contact with the unborn child. The mother can relax in this half hour and see how she and the baby react on this contact. If the father wants he can join the mother too.
I mail my experiences and if I can the anwers on the questions the paents asked after 30 minutes.

It’s a great experience to have allready such a contact with the baby in your belly in this way. You can ask questions about how the baby feels. You can hear what the baby expects in his new live with you as his parents.
Every birthguidance is different, sometimes a baby tells how his parents can react when he is born. Perhaps he wants to keep it small and wants to be hold only by you and not all the visitors. What he will be as a human. Or wants to find out really everything or not.

The first time contact will be carefully made and the questions of the parents will be asked and hopefully answered. In the next week question scan be mailed and asked the second week. The third time I am gonna ask the baby how he thinks about his birth, is he sceared? And the questions of the parents.
The last en fourth time no questions, but a beautiful letter of your baby, your child. No questions, just the talks of your baby.

Beautiful to give yourself this as a present, to get to know your child even before it is born. Four weeks long I join you on this path.

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