On telepathic way I make contact on soullevel.I make an attunement. By listening and seeing pictures I write this all down. You don’t need to go to a practice, I tune in and sen dit by mail. You get a mail with a lot of information and sending a photo.
Within two weeks you can expect the mail.

Whom can I tune in ?
– Everybody in the age of 0 till 100 or older
– Everybody with a question wich is important to him or her
– People with problems like bad sleeping, anger or fear and so on.
– For people which cannot communicate very well like demented eldery, intellectual restricted people, comapatients and so on.
– If you have bodily problems like migraine, stomachpain, eatingproblems and so on.
– If you want to grow in your awareness.
– Curious of what your soul has to tell you.

I can’t make someone better, I am not a doctor. I can make contact on a telepathic way and asking your soul what’s the problem. Then we look for answers how to change the problem.
Sometimes there are entities or aurahikers present. Together we ask why they are here and when that’s clear I help the mto get in to the light.
Also past live scan get visible, we look at that live and find out what that live is causing in this live. What has to be changed or let go of.