In what way can I help you?

-restlessness, sleepless nights, anger, insecurity, feeling busy in your body of your childs
-you want clearity about your childwish
-you want contact with your unborn child in your belly
-you want to know if there are still emotions on your birth or your childs birth
-why are you as a family together and it is time to ask this question

How can I help you?

* With the Child in Mind methode I make attunements, this is not only for children, but for everybody from 0-100. I tune in on the energy of someone and take all the questions with me about the problem. The one I attune on says what’s going on in his live and what he/she wants to change to solve this problem/question. They also give you tools to get along with.
Clearity is important. What’s going on and why? And what would I or my child want to change?
I listen, put everything I hear, see and feel in an attunement and mail it to you. I am a Child in Mind Worker with a diploma.
* I give Rainbowhealing. I can do this at my home or on a distand, lots of times emotions are getting free and it works longer, as long as you need it.

* with Access Bars I touch 32 energeticpoints on your head, you can see your head as a computer. The bars are getting cleaned and emotions are cleared and let go off. You get a resett! Old convictions which are locked up in your head are getting loose. Things you’ve heard from someone and you thought it was true that conviction and now you can let it go and free!

Look around on my website. For questions you can mail me on info@soul-connection.nl